After a long period of being unused, this Liverpool building had fallen into a state of disrepair requiring action to shore up the façade to prevent further deterioration; Hardy Services were asked to supply and install the required support scaffolding.

Support was provided for the prevention of both inward and outward collapse, with consideration needed in the structure design to the lack of access to the interior of the building under health and safety restrictions.

The scaffold design therefore provided all the necessary support externally, achieved using specialised fixing plates bolted to the external façade and fixed to the main body of the scaffold.  Twenty-six tons of Kentledge ballast blocks were also used to secure the scaffold, which has footprint dimensions of only 5m x 15m.

Discovery of an underground void during scaffold erection required additional design adaptations to secure parts of the scaffolding as ballast blocks could not be used in this section.

The project was carried out for a T.E.P on behalf of the Homes and Communities agency (H.C.A).

Please find Hardy Services scaffolding design drawing for the project.