It´s Friday in fact

Being the day before the weekend, Friday has a warm place in most people´s hearts.  Here are some Friday facts you may not know !

  • It originates from the old English word “Frīġedæġ”
  • Stick to the land – it´s considered unlucky to start a voyage on a Friday
  • Does Friday 13th terrify you? Then you have paraskavedekatriaphobia
  • In astrology it is associated with Taurus and Libra
  • In the UK & Australia, it´s sometimes called POETS day (we´ll let you look that one up)


Giving you props (our news)

  • We posted some more project photos of our scaffolding & access work here and here
  • We´ll be publishing a post soon about some wonderful English heritage sites and our work on heritage / restoration projects
  • Please take a look at what these amazing charities we support have been up to : Padiham Cricket Club | Pendleside Hospice | Circus Starr | Clitheroe Wolves
  • Last year we were excited to move into a new hq at a historic Lancashire site, we´ll update you soon on development there


Video corner

Time for a coffee? Here are a few videos to watch while you sip


Some amazing monster machines changing construction :


Fascinating timelapse of the One Blackfriars Contstruction :


A house made with 3D printing !



What are you making? (construction news)


Tech a Look





Looking at Architecture






What´s Happening up there? (roofing news)




It´s only temporary (scaffolding news)