Your generous donation to Circus Starr last year helped restore vulnerable children’s belief in a world where anything is possible! With your amazing support we can create a spell-binding, uplifting, feel-good experience for families who struggle to find or afford leisure activities that can meet their child’s needs.

Businesses like yours have made it possible to stage inclusive circus shows to bring laughter, playfulness and fun back into young lives. Your continued support spurs us on in our mission to be the most inclusive circus in the UK challenging perceptions about accessibility, strengthening communities and building children’s self-esteem.

Amelia’s Story:

A rare form of epilepsy and a hole in her heart means Amelia stops breathing up to 15 times a day. Her family live in constant fear and worry as her condition means she cannot be left alone.

This is what her mum had to say: “Amelia leaves the show so happy. It is so nice for us to have no worries while we are there. We don’t get any respite and sometimes feel so cut off from the world so we all really enjoy and love our time at the Circus.”


We plan to return to Blackburn with our distinctive blue and yellow Big Top and a spectacular line up of circus acts on Wednesday 25th April 2018, at Witton Country Park, Preston Old Road, Blackburn, BB2 5LE .

Follow this link to read more about the difference the shows make to the children who attend, or to talk to one of the team please call 01260 288690.