If you’re searching for scaffolding in Blackpool then we can help. We have a team of expert scaffolders who have been operating in the local area for decades and who boast not only the skills but the tools needed to undertake jobs of any size.

We’ve played our part in a huge number of small, medium and large renovations, temporary roofing, new builds and weather proofing over the years, making the Hardy Services team one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in Blackpool for both commercial and domestic scaffolding tasks.

Having worked with and serviced a number of MCG companies as well as noted dedicated restoration firms, we can supply a professional scaffolding solution that’s truly without equal. We have a wealth of resources at our fingertips and have the skills needed to create a detailed and creative solution that we’ll make work for you.

We’re Health & Safety conscious, going above and beyond to surpass legal requirements and ensure the absolute safety of our team and all individuals involved in the project. We have insurance covers of £5,000,000 for public and £10,000,000 for employers’ liability.

If you require more information about the many fantastic services that we operate in the local area then call the number above or contact us by email to speak to a representative.