Hardy Services were commissioned to supply and erect two fully boarded access scaffolds for stabilization and retention of the tracery window of the church in Preston, and to provide a platform from which a structural inspection could be undertaken.

Built over a cantilevered balcony unsuitable for heavy support, the internal scaffold was constructed to ensure that all the weight was transferred through the flooring, and back to the main structural timbers. Adjustable jacks were installed to prop the window and prevent movement.

The scaffold was then encapsulated in 2m Monaflex sheeting for dust and debris containment and weather protection.

External scaffolding in Preston was constructed to mirror the jack supports on the internal section of the scaffold and encapsulated in vented sheeting to provide a weather resistant façade.

A timber frame with protective netting was fitted to the internal face of both scaffolds to ensure small loose masonry would not be able to fall and cause damage to the stained glass in the tracery window.

The base of the scaffold was clad in galvanised steel sheeting to meet security and insurance requirements and was installed in a way to prevent unauthorised access whilst allowing unhindered access to and from the Church.

The works were carried out for Storah Architecture.