For this high-profile project, Hardy Services were required to provide a heavy duty loading bay, later arranged for use as an additional working area for dirty/ dusty external works. Due to the nature of the Cathedral building, the whole structure was encased in galvanised steel sheets to ensure its security.

Erected to provide a 10kn per metre square loading, the scaffold included a stacker truck loading facility at one end, with materials transferred into the cathedral by motorised pump truck located at the other end of the structure.

The site’s limited space also required support gantries for cabins and welfare facilities to be installed to allow maximum use of the restrictive area.

Heavy duty lifting frames were erected inside the Cathedral building to carry a monorail system which transported the large ornate statues between locations during the work programme.

The project was flexible, requiring the surveying, costing and installation of additional scaffold requirements throughout the programme, with all extra works undertaken smoothly within the overall project schedules.

Scaffolding Design PDF ( Attach: MCR-CATHEDRAL.JPG )

The works were carried out for the project Conservation Company.