Cantilever Hanging Scaffold, Listed Ornamental Bridge

Vandalism and a generally poor state of repair to a listed ornamental bridge saw Hardy Services design and provide an access scaffold incorporating full boarded access to the underside of the arch to allow inspection and repair to be carried out.

Erected to facilitate working platforms to both sides of the bridge from water level to balustrade and to the underside of the bridge, the structure also incorporated a heavy duty lifting frame to enable rebuilding of the massive balustrade stones.

The age and condition of the bridge combined with its wooded location and one thousand metres across a field from the nearest ‘road’ access gave rise to some interesting issues! But with 4×4, flatbed and all-terrain fork lift, materials were delivered to site and the bespoke complex scaffolding erected.

The structure involved erection of a heavy duty ‘horse’ across the top of the bridge with forty beams fitted to span across the water to enable the access scaffolding to be constructed at either side from the top down. Linking the two adjacent scaffolds with more beams below the structure, a steeped boarded matt was fixed two metres below the arch.

A successful scaffolding project with a complex and challenging edge.


The project was undertaken for a specialist Conservation Company on behalf of the Estate Owner.