The St John’s Church project required Hardy Services to supply and install two fully boarded access scaffolds for stabilization and retention support to the tracery window.

Installed behind the altar, a key requirement for the arrangement of the internal scaffold was to ensure unrestricted access for church services. With adjustable jacks used to firmly support the window, the scaffold was encapsulated in 2.2m Monaflex sheeting for the containment of dust and debris and to provide a tidy backdrop to the altar.

External scaffolding was erected to mirror the jack supports on the internal scaffold structure with a tower structure reaching the full height of the gable, allowing inspection of the gable apex cross. The external scaffold was given a weather resistant encapsulation using 2m vented sheeting.

With the additional need to protect the stained glass in the window, the internal face of both scaffolds received a timber-framed protective netting screen to catch any small masonry dislodged during the work.

To meet both security and insurance stipulations, the base of the scaffold received a cladding of 5m galvanised steel sheeting.

The project was undertaken for Architects, Arctic Associates Ltd. (